Hauling Alaskan moose and caribou meat & antlers to the lower 48

Hauling moose/caribou meat & antlers from Alaska to select lower 48 states in Sept.

I plan to have my tractor trailer in Anchorage from aproximately Sept 20 thru Sept 26 to pick up all trophies that have already been shipped to the air cargos, as well as to collect trophies that are still coming in. I will also be in Fairbanks to pick up durring this week. You can call me on my cell so we can meet to transfer your game onto my frozen trailer, or call and arrange for me to pick up your trophy direct from the 3 major air cargos ACE, EVERTS, and NAC. (or any other carrier you may decide to use). The meat can be quartered on the bone, off the bone, in game bags, in boxes, or however you wish. Antlers can be unsplit, or still attached to the skull (such as for a Euro/head mount). The price to ship your entire moose is $750 each  payable upon delivery. This is a flat rate that includes shipping all of the meat, cape, and unsplit antlers, as well as complimenary pick up at any of the air cargos. Call for any special requests on shipping your hunting gear, fish, or other items along with your meat/antlers. No guns, ammo, or hazardous materials. Trailer temperature will be maintained at 0 degrees farenheit. 
Please see the Pick up & delivery schedule page
for the delivery stops in the lower 48 states. If you personally cannot make it to the delivery point, your wife or friend will suffice. Whomever picks up the meat/antlers at this time will need to pay the delivery charge. I will also take special requests for additional stops along the interstate route to save you some needless driving provided you can pick up when the truck rolls through, possibly even late at night.

If you do miss your preferred delivery stop, you will have to call me and I will try to hold the truck for you briefly, or meet up en route at the next stop. In the unforeseen circumstances of a missed delivery, be assured your meat/antlers will remain frozen in my trailer until you can pick it up or other arrangements are made. 1 week maximum guarantee on frozen meat. If after 1 week no arrangements have been made for re-delivering your moose/caribou trophy at your expense or travel, I will donate the meat locally. NOTE -  Undelivered antlers will absolutely positively remain in my secure possession until arrangements are made to get them back to you at your expense. I know first hand the value you place on meat and antlers, so do trust that if you accidentally miss your delivery stop, your meat and antlers will still be taken care of while other arrangements are made to get your trophy to you. The trailer will be locked at all times en route.

For those who may have concerns with your meat and antlers going through Canada - This shipment is 100% legal and essentially no different than hauling any other type of freight, with the exception of one unique requirement of a US Fish & Wildlife Service form 3-177. This is a form I fill out prior to leaving Alaska and gets stamped and certified at the USFWS branch office, in person, in Anchorage. This paperwork is of no worry or burden to you the hunter shipping your trophy. It is merely a necessity placed on the truck for this type of unique shipment so as to be in full compliance with US & Canadian law. The meat/antlers are insured for $1.00 per pound. Since it is illegal to sell moose meat, it is difficult to place a "market value" on it. Canadian customs requires I post bond at a rate dependant on value of the entire load. I will post bond for the value of the whole load, which is to be $1.00 per pound. This shipping service is for moose and caribou meat and their trophies only. Due to the CITES requirements, I can NOT haul parts of bears, wolves, or even yellow bellied stump humper monkies!

Shipping your meat and antlers from most remote villages into Anchorage can be done by using one of the following big 3  - ACE AIR, EVERTS AIR, or NAC AIR. When shipping your trophy to Anchorage, please include your signed Alaska transfer of possession form along with your meat and antlers.

Note for those hunting with 40 Mile Air -  I will be driving through Tok on or about Sept 26, so I will be able to pick up anyone's game at this time. Seasons end early in this area but there are freezers available for meat & antler storage at Tok Mini Storage 907-883-5546 with ample WALK IN freezer space. TMS is on the edge of town, about a 2 minute drive from 40 mile air.

FINE PRINT PLEASE READ - For any and all shipments, I will need your name, address and phone number(s) on the Alaska transfer of possession form. This form needs to be signed by you and should accompany the meat and antlers weather you ship from a remote village to Anchorage, bring it to me personally, or have a friend bring it. While every effort will be made to pick up and deliver your trophy on time, I cannot be liable for delayed/canceled flights, wildfires in route, road closures, traffic, breakdowns, USA/Canadian customs delays and or  impoundments, acts of God, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond my control preventing me from picking up and delivering on dates/times listed. Once your animal is harvested you should call my cell, ensuring your intentions to ship your trophy, and/or make arrangements for me to pick up your game at one of the air cargo lines. If I do not answer my cell, it likely means I'm temporally in a bad cell coverage area, met a weather delay, road closure, unforeseen circumstances, etc. A full week prior to me arriving in Ak, my cell phone will not work driving through remote Canada, as well as on the return from Ak. This offer is good for moose/caribou meat and antlers/trophies only, as I will not haul bear or wolf parts. I doubt the trailer will fill up to capacity, but in the event it does I will have no choice but to end booking. First come first served. I should be in Anchorage on or about Sept 20, so feel free to start calling then, even from the bush on your satellite phone.